Wordy Wednesday #25

Solitary: recluse or hermit

She was solitary and spent her entire summer at home.

Crimson: deep purplish-red color

He bough crimson jeans for winter.

Diabolical: having the qualities of a devil

The principle had a diabolical son who had a mischievous laugh.

Totalitarian: centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion and that exercises dictatorial control over many aspects of life.

The totalitarian system is very strict.

Adversary: enemy; foe

His adversary did not tolerate his ways of practicing volleyball.

Vanquished: to defeat in any contest or conflict

The red team vanquished the blue team with their secret weapon.



Wordy Wednesday #26

Discolored: To become a different, less attractive color.

The art teacher gave the student a zero because his drawing was discolored.

Forensic: Pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion and debate.

The law was forensic to the school rule.

Marvel:  something that causes wonder; admiration

The World of Lights gave marvel to the family at Disneyland.

Shambles: any scene, place, or thing in disorder

The movie theaters was in shambles because the popcorn was overflowing.

Gambit: any maneuver by which one seeks to gain an advantage.

The Pokemon player had to gambit their way through victory.



Journal #49

I think that technology makes our lives easier. Without technology, we wouldn’t have ways to connect with our friends and family from far away. It also makes our lives easier when researching because it is faster than searching from a book. It would also be easier using technology because instead of writing, you could be typing.

Wordy Wednesday #21

Sentient: having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.

He was sentient when he heard the bad news.

Porous: full of pores.

Her face was very porous so she had to treat it.

Geysers: a hot spring that sends out water and steam into the air.

Be careful, the geysers are very hot.

Dismember: to deprive of limbs.

They dismembered the dead elephant so it would be easier for them to carry.

Glistening: to reflect a sparkling light or a faint intermittent glow

Her teeth were glistening from all the chemicals they put into her mouth.




Wordy Wednesday #20

Smidgen: a very small amount

She gave me a smidgen of salt for the pasta.

Cynical: distrusting

The boy was very cynical.

Disembodied:Separated from or existing without the body

The only way to kill the zombies was to have them disembodied.

Piqued: irritated

I was piqued because my classmates were annoying me.

Perceptive: having or showing understanding

The teacher graded them on their perceptive.


Romantic and Tragic Short Story

Romance –
There once was a girl, who was making her way downtown. She met a boy and thought he was a hot tamale. She was sweating like sizzling bacon. She followed him through the town. Then he saw her and tried to follow her. Then they kept trying to follow each other. Then the boy went up to her and gave her a rose from a big bush, and kissed in the full moon. The End.

Tragic –
Once upon a time there was a boy named Romeo. He had sparkling eyes and a dazzling smile. Every girl who passes him melts and dies two days after. Once their was a girl who passed by Romeo and he winked at her and she died. The End. 

Wordy Wednesday #19

Perdicament: embarrassing situation.

I hope you understand the predicament i was in.

Preordained: to select beforehand.

They preordained the judges before the competition.

Unalterable: not capable of being modified.

He turned in his assignment after the trimester, so his grade was unalterable.


Wordy Wednesday #16

Bizarre: strange or unusual

They got lost in a bizarre part of the island.

Prehistoric: out of date; very old

When we opened the treasure chest, there were prehistoric letters.

Intact: complete or whole

The ancient book was intact even though it was dropped many times.

Hoist: to lift

They hoisted the boxes into the moving truck.

Toil: a difficult task

The toiled presentation raised his grade.



Wordy Wednesday #12

Endangered means to be in danger; risk of being extinct.

The animals were endangered because of wild fires. 

Extinction the fact of being extinguished; extinguishing.

The animals were not only endangered, but close to extinction.

Undisputed means not challenged or questioned.

The mistake in the game was undisputed.

The definition of ferocity is savagely fierce.

The football player had a ferocity that made the crowd go insane.

Mortified is to be ashamed; humiliate.

The little girl was mortified because she messed up on her solo during the song.

Wordy Wednesday #11

The definition for lousy is informal. The dinner party was lousy and had cheap food.

Territorial means pertaining or belonging to the territory of a state or ruler.

The girl was territorial and would not let her brother enter her room.

The definition of bounds is to be filled with.

Santa’s sleigh is abounds with toys and presents for the children.

Wallows means to move along.

The butterfly wallows around the oak tree.

The definition of decay is to decompose.

After they buried the dead body, it began to decay.